Toyota PAB4-Toyota RAV4
1. Operation of the car
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
4. Cooling systems and conditioning
5. Fuel system and system of production of the fulfilled gases
6. System of ignition
7. The control system and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. Transmission
10. Driveshaft and shaft of the drive of driving wheels
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket
13. Steering and running gear
14. Body
15. Electric equipment
   General information
   Technical characteristics
   Electric chains
   Check of the rechargeable battery
   Replacement of wires of the rechargeable battery
   Safety locks and relay
   Check and replacement of the relay of indexes of turn and alarm light system
   Check of system of charging
   System of launch of the engine
   Replacement of the combined understeering switches
   Replacement of the lock and cylinder of the lock of ignition
   Removal and installation of switches of the dashboard
   Removal and installation of a combination of devices
   Check and replacement of the engine of a screen wiper
   Radio receiver and loudspeakers
   Replacement of the antenna
   Check and repair of a heater of back glass
   Replacement of lamps in headlights
   Adjustment of light of headlights
   Replacement of a headlight
   Sound signal
   Replacement of glow lamps
   Check of the drive of external rear-view mirrors
   Check of system cruise control
   Check of window regulators with the electric drive
   Check of system of the central blocking of locks
      System of remote control of the central blocking of locks
   Drive of the lifting and movable panel of a roof
   Safety cushions
Schemes of electric equipment

Toyota RAV4>> Electric equipment>> Check of system of the central blocking of locks

Fig. 15.62. Arrangement of components of system of the central blocking of locks: 1 – ignition lock; 2 – the ECU block located from the forward passenger; 3 – the switch of blocking of locks located at doors of the forward passenger; 4 – safety locks and the relay of window regulators in the block of safety locks and the relay; 5 – the switch of blocking of locks located at the driver's doors; 6 – lock and switch of the central blocking of forward doors; 7 – lock and switch of the central blocking of back doors; 8 – lock of the central blocking of a door of the luggage compartment

The system of the central blocking of locks uses modulators of the locks of a door put in each door (fig. 15.62) . The system consists of switches, modulators, the control unit and electric chains connecting all components and also the transmitter and the receiver of remote control.
Blocking of locks is made by the reversive solenoids located in the doorway. Switches of locks have two working situation: it is closed and is opened. When pressing the switch from it the signal on the control unit opening or closing locks of doors arrives.
On some models the system of blocking of locks is combined with anticreeping system.
You make check of system of the central blocking of locks as follows:
If blocking of locks does not work, first of all check integrity of a safety lock. On some models for protection of system of blocking of locks use also protection automatic machines.
At the switched-off engine, pressing the switch of blocking of locks, listen whether solenoids work. At operation they make the characteristic clicking sound.
If solenoids do not work, remove and check the switch.
Check a condition of an electric chain between the switch, the control unit and solenoids.
Also check reliability of connection to "mass" of the switch and control unit.
If only one solenoid does not work, remove an upholstery of a door and check whether moves tension to the solenoid at activation of the switch. On one of wires there has to be tension when blocking the lock, and on other wire — when unblocking the lock.
If tension moves, and the solenoid does not work, replace it.
If tension does not move on the solenoid, check the relay and an electric chain between the solenoid and the control unit.


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